Tips On Buying Real Estate At Auction In Louisville – 4 Tips To Help You Do It Right

Looking to acquire an investment at an auction? That can be a fun (and potentially profitable!) way to acquire properties but it can also be fraught with danger if you’re not a careful. Make sure you read these 4 tips to help you do it right…

The secret to most real estate investing is to buy at an attractive price and then either rent for cashflow or sell at a higher price. And one place to buy attractively-priced properties is at the auction… if you do it right. Unfortunately, many brand new investors swoop into the auctions and end up spending too much. If you want to avoid this “newbie” mistake, make sure you read these 4 tips to help you do it right.

Tips On Buying Real Estate At Auction In Louisville #1 — Research

If the auction posts information about each property before the auction, take the time to do your research and determine the value and potential return of the property. Can you rent it out? Can you flip it profitably? Can you improve the value? Will you earn a return on your investment? Spend the time to do your research and figure out how much you can make from the property, which will inform you about how much you can pay. Set a firm limit and don’t over that limit for each property.

Tips On Buying Real Estate At Auction In Louisville #2 – Find Hidden Gems

An auction is an open, unfiltered market, which means that you’ll be up against other people who may have done their research and want the real estate for the same reasons you do. This can result in properties being bid up to a very high price. The way around this is to dig deep in your research to find the hidden gems… the ones that people might not bid on but that YOU know are really valuable.

Tips On Buying Real Estate At Auction In Louisville #3 – Wait Until The End

There are different kinds of auctions but if you are at a time-based auction where the deal stops accepting bids at a certain time then swoop in at the last moment with your best offer. If you time it right, you may give the best price and lock it in before anyone else can bid higher.

Tips On Buying Real Estate At Auction In Louisville #4 – Avoid Emotion

One of the hardest parts of bidding at an auction is that you can get caught up in the emotion. At first, you are thoughtful and calculating but then you might get into a bidding war with someone and your emotions take over and soon you bid higher and higher just to beat the other person. Remind yourself to leave your emotions at home and make sure you know what your upper price limit when the heat is on!

Acquiring investments at an auction can be a great way to buy real estate. However, if you’re not careful, it can also be very expensive. Use these strategies to help you avoid the mistakes and pitfalls and acquire low-priced investments.

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