How To Begin Investing In Turnkey Rental Properties In Louisville

Real estate investing can seem complicated. After all, you’re dealing with real estate, which is a major transaction involving many parties and many thousands of dollars.

So it’s no surprise that many people want to become investors but are scared off from it because of what they think is a lot of work.

Fortunately, there’s a fast track way to accelerate your investing and get into the express lane to start doing more cash flowing deals sooner than ever!

It’s called turnkey real estate investing.

Turnkey real estate — the faster way to invest

Turnkey investing is so powerful because someone else does all the “heavy lifting” and you get an investment that is cash flowing from the very first day.

Here’s how it works: In conventional investing, you have to find a property, negotiate with the seller, acquire the property, renovate it, find a tenant and put them in the property, and then find a management company. You spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars before the investment begins to cash flow.

But with turnkey investing, someone else does that for you. They find the property, negotiate with the seller, acquire the property, renovate it, place the tenant, and place the management company. Then you swoop in and invest, achieving “day 1 cash flow”.

It’s no wonder that investing in turnkey rental properties is picking up as a preference for investors! Who doesn’t want hands-free investing and faster returns?

If this sounds like it interests you then keep reading…

How to begin investing in turnkey rental properties in Louisville KY

Turnkey investing is so simple to get started. Here’s how to being investing in turnkey rental properties in Louisville KY…

First, decide how you are going to fund your property. Some investors use their own cash; others might use a line of credit or some financing, perhaps bringing in other investors into the deal. Regardless of how you choose to invest, you should know that these deals move very quickly so you should have your money ready to go before moving forward with an investment. That way, you won’t be left in the dust while you try to put the financing together.

Second, figure out the kind of property you want. A single family? In which area? How many bedrooms? And, figure out what kind of return you want — how much positive cash flow you’re looking for.

Third, work with a turnkey rental property investment company like us at Innovative Property Solutions, to help you find the best deals. We always have several deals going at once, plus more in the pipeline, so if you don’t find something you want right away, just wait… it’s probably coming!

To see what kind of deals we do and to get on our fast-action turnkey real estate list, click here and fill out the form today.


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